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Governance and Policy Working Group

The purpose of the Governance and Policy Working Group is to shift the power dynamic towards effective and transcendental representation where Native Law is foundational, fluid, and effective.

Did you know...

  • In March 2021, Minnesota Native Nations expanded COVID-19 vaccination eligibility to include all people—not just tribal members—living on or near reservations. White Earth Nation alone was able to vaccinate over 90% of all elders living in Mahnomen County.
  • Nearly 200 Native-owned businesses are included in the Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance directory. (source)
  • In a typical year, over 13,000 tribal members in Minnesota hand-harvest about 9.6 million pounds of wild rice. (source)
  • The absence of Native judges and Native law clerks serving in the federal courts contributes significantly to federal court decisions that harm and undermine tribal sovereignty.” (RNT, p.66– directly from the Pipestem Law section)
  • During the 2021 legislative session, Minnesota created the nation’s first state office on missing and murdered Indigenous relatives. The voices of the three Native women in the Legislature shepherded this groundbreaking legislation to realization.
July 5, 2021

Sovereignty and Tribal Governance

Sovereignty is the authority of an Indigenous nation, often through the form of a government, over its land, people, and the economy in both the present and the future.

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