K-12 Education

K-12 Education Working Group

The purpose of the K-12 Education working group is to spotlight and make visible contemporary Native peoples by challenging harmful and false narratives in K-12 Education. We will replace fiction with fact and create solutions for issues impacting our children.

Did you know...

  • Of all the children’s books published in the US, only 1% are written by Native American and First Nations authors.
  • Minnesota ranks dead last when it comes to successfully graduating Black, Brown, and Native American Students
  • Minnesota State Law requires teachers to include authentic Ojibwe and Dakhóta culture and history in all disciplines; yet in 2021 declined the budget for professional development and training to meet this requirement.
  • Nationally, 37 tribal colleges and universities—four of which are in Minnesota—enroll over 30,000 students and reach an additional 47,000 community members annually through public programs and gatherings.
July 1, 2021

Education: The Critical Component to Narrative Change

We will spotlight the various educational efforts of Minnesota Native nations for young Native people to combat harmful lessons such as Manifest Destiny.

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