Pop Culture & Media

Pop Culture and Media Working Group

The purpose of the Pop Culture and Media working group is to ensure that Native Nations and people are visible, humanized, heard, respected, and empowered while creating their own authentic narratives.

Did you know...

  • WASHMN is partnering with MPR’s In Focus virtual and the first discussion is sustainability in indigenous communities in greater Minnesota.


  • Only 0-.04% of Primetime Tv and Films have a Native Character


  • Antiquated Portrayals of Native Peoples appear in 95% of Google Searches when searching Native American or American Indian



June 1, 2021

Narrative Change Creates Visibility

In popular discourse in the United States, Native peoples continue to be misrepresented and erased. Stereotypes, unawareness, and inaccurate history remain the norm, all influencing how Native peoples are treated by media, schools, and government.


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